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Unusual Gold Ring Design

Unusual Gold Ring Design

Rings on the fingers are tremendous decoration since ancient times. It is well-known fact that ring is a symbol of power, eternity, individuality. It can tell us about person`s temper, desires. And up to date there are a lot of different gold ring design. So, when you have a wish to choose some rings, you come to the shop and the golden beauty takes your heart. So, how to choose and combine "not too much".

Gold Ring Design for Women

Simple gold ring design like modern, vintage, filigree, with stones or in a shape of something, big or tiny. While choosing the ring of a special gold ring design, think of where you are going to wear it. The mixture of absolutely different designs will always be unusual. When choosing, this way be sure that this combination is suitable. If you have little hands, don`t add too much big stony rings. One is ok, but not ten. Big golden ring in a shape, let`s say, snake will look normal combined with engagement ring, or just simple golden string, which is almost invisible.

Gold Ring Design for Men

When your husband tells you that he does not need a special ring – do not believe him. Big one can suit his fingers perfectly. Man`s designed rings can look very trendy. The golden ring with stone does not spoil your man`s image. But compared to ladies, too many rings on one's fingers does not make him look good and neat. It just wants to show you one thing – the absence of your taste.


Enormous ring does not suit. But there is a solution, if you like little rings. You can wear two rings on one's finger, visually it will make your finger little, and the design mixture will emphasize your taste.

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