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Osiris Shoes

Osiris Shoes

Osiris is certainly one of the best innovators in today's sneaker market. When you wear an Osiris, not only do you choose the best, but you also use a shoe that will make you feel good, giving you a new look and the extra boost you need. Osiris Pixel, an area of ​​the Osiris Team range, provides all the support you need to rip the ramps and put those noobs in the shade.

Expensive Osiris shoes are definitely not wallet-friendly. Despite the high price, there is a great demand for a good pair of skate shoes, you just can not resist a pair of great Osiris shoes.

Osiris shoes from famous people

Tony Chen, Brian Reid, Tony Magnusson, Laura Kim and Doug Weston realized that there is an industry in the action sports arena where professional skaters can develop and tag their kicks. That's why they created 1996 Osiris Shoes is the D3 designed by Dave Mayhew, though until recently it was not recognized.

Although Osiris Shoes began as a skateboarding company, it later expanded its activities to include other action sports such as FMX, BMX and more recently MMA, sponsoring Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in his fight with Lyoto Machida for UFC on December 20, 2010 Provided 123.

Quality over price

Everyone knows the high prices that these shoes demand from the buyer. Well-known athletes who give their name to goods can definitely increase their costs. Another reason for this increase in costs is the inventories used. The materials used can be widely used, but to obtain high quality footwear with first class looks and style, high quality materials are required to maintain toughness and lasting kicks. Osiris Shoes recognizes that reducing the caliber of the materials used to make these unique shoes or boots can cost a lot more.


No explanation is needed if you buy some high quality Osiris shoes for a high price. Owning shoes of this quality is itself a reward. Only by taking care of the shoes could it take longer. As long as they are in demand, the style will not only last for sports fans but for ordinary people as well.

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