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Rain Coat

Rain Coat

Raincoat is generally a waterproof or waterproof coat. It can be worn to protect the body from rain. Lately, so many brands of raincoats have introduced their line of modern designs and fabrics. Now raincoats are more breathable, more stylish, lighter, water repellent, etc.

Although there are different types of raincoats on the market.

Here we talked about the different types of raincoats available on the market.

Seam tape:

Since many seams are required to make the raincoat, the real raincoat should be fully wrapped to cover the entire body. Ampflats.comidenland.comatter.com The most of these types ofatzenburgampfampf stieg "gebraatzen.de The best way to living your country is to donateifizieren.

Zippers style:

The zipper-style raincoat has a zipper at the front. To prevent the ingress of water, the zipper must be rubberized. Some raincoats are available with coated zippers, it is also known as laminated zippers. This is difficult to open and close.

Hood Style:

There are several raincoats with attached hood. However, there are some fashion lines that offer the hood separately. It also covers face and hair to get wet. Raincoats with hood are also a supplement. Some raincoat jackets also have a zipper around the neck to adjust the size and comfort.


No matter how comfortable and breathable your raincoat is, it gets tired during hard activities and makes you sweat. Meanwhile, almost all companies have rainwear under the arms vents, so they can be breathable even in difficult times. Some torso pockets have mesh lining that can be double.


The raincoat also has pockets. This is very useful when it comes to waterproof zippers. It can be high in price. Some have more pockets and some have two pockets. Now many brands have started to put waterproof bags, and it has a cable connection that allows you to make phone calls or enjoy music players on the go. It is very stress-free, even in the rain. Some travel jackets have hidden pockets, making it very difficult to find pickpockets.

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