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Peridot Bracelet

Peridot Bracelet

Bracelet is a very delicate decoration that is suitable for both men and women. Of course, it is women who wear it more often. For this reason, a variety of different designs of such jewelry is created especially for women. Silver, gold, steel, leather, with gemstones, semi-precious stones, glass or whatever your soul desires. But have you ever wondered how to wear the bracelet?

combination rules

In their free time, women prefer something simple and at the same time stylish. Something that allows to accentuate the dress and the beauty of the jewels. Bracelets are always beautiful, but there are rules on how to combine them with other jewels so as not to look too classy or tasteless. There is no special rule on which hand one wears a bracelet. You can wear bracelets only on the same wrist, if their design is similar. If they are too different, you better wear them on different hands.

What's so special about Peridot Bracelet?

Bracelets with stones like peridot do not want a special outfit or special colors, but be careful when combining them with other stones. Peridot is very good with amethyst or topaz.

It is a very good idea to wear a set if you have a bracelet with stones, such as stones. B. a peridot bracelet with a peridot ring. But to put a real accent on the stone, do not wear it on the same hand.

There is a standard to wear wristwatch on the left hand. What about bracelets? If you want to give your style avant-garde, you can try to wear both bracelet and watch on the left hand, but do not overdo it. The border between avant-garde and raunch is very small here. So it makes more sense to wear them on different hands.


Peridot bracelet is very stylish. Today, such a stone has become more popular because it looks like an emerald, but not so capricious. He dies and does not require special attention and care. You do not need an opportunity to wear it because it is universal.

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