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Wedding Arches Canopy Inspiration

Wedding Arches Canopy Inspiration

Most brides put a lot of thought into the reception decor … I used to be kind! We are restlessly looking for the right centerpieces, cakes and what not; while the ceremony loses a little of our deliberation. However, after looking at the footage of my wedding ceremony, it is not the reception that makes my heart beat faster, but the ceremony. Although my reception was a beautiful occasion, the photos of the second, when my husband and I exchanged vows, remind me of how much we love each other every time I look at them.

So don’t neglect that the ceremony at the end of the day is probably the most important and necessary part of your wedding ceremony day. Here is another selection of beautiful altars, canopies, arbors, arches and chuppas that I have put together to allow your inspirational juices to circulate. Hopefully, you are presenting just a little love to your ceremony.

This oh-so-dreamy arch outside of the wedding ceremony is considered to be one of our favorite weddings ever shown on Confetti Daydreams. It was covered in stuff and peach pink backyard roses, white roses, and stylish greens.

This couple’s pre-wedding photo shoot in Pine Forest, Bandung, Indonesia, captured by The Wagyu Story, features a beautiful circular flower arch. If this doesn’t make your heart sing

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