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Oversized Scarfs

Oversized Scarfs

Oversized scarves are becoming trendier as they are very easy to tie. In addition, they can be used by a person for a very long time, even if they are in a stage where they are growing very fast. Oversized scarves are available in a variety of shapes, designs and fabrics. Some of the ways you can wear oversized scarves are explained below.

The easy way – Triangle Shape

Most oversized scarves are square or rectangular. If they are square, you can fold them diagonally to a triangle and then tie. However, if they are rectangular shapes, some creativity may be needed to make some adjustments and get a nice triangular shape that you can manipulate. If you have a long overhang on both sides after tying, you can just drop it on your shoulder. This scarf goes well with a jacket, a tank top and most other tops.


Another way to wear oversized scarves trendy is to wear the scarf as a tie. This is another easy way to wear the scarf because you only have to make a triangle towards the middle. You can then roll the oversized scarf loosely so that it looks like a long piece of fabric. Then you can wear the oversized scarf around your neck, making it look like you're wearing an ordinary neck tie. In this case, it is better if you let it go.

As a twisted scarf

You can vary the binding option by wearing the scarf as a twisted scarf instead. The twisted scarf can be used just like a scarf. All you have to do is turn the oversized scarf to make a rope out of it. You can then tie the roll over your waist. To make sure you have a proper belt, you can put the excess parts of the scarf under the belt you've taken off the scarf.

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