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Angelfish Shoes

Angelfish Shoes

Shoes are beautiful shoes that we all need for our daily use. Not only do they protect the feet from injury and keep them warm, they are also a kind of foot protector that protects against accidents at home and at work.

The non-slip shoes are such an innovative design by sailor Sperry. The origin of the Sperry Top Sider Angelfish shoes was born from the experience of this sailor on his boat. He got involved with this product when he slipped off the board and fell off his ship due to the type of shoes he wore. In his desire to have something better for the footwear, the solution of this design was created, and so the name was credited to him.

The design of the Sperry Top Sider Angelfish

The Sperry Top Sider Angelfish are designed with a non-slip design. These are the generally flat types of shoes that are made from the good leather qualities. They are designed to carry the shape of a streamlined object such as a fish or a boat, and some have animal skin artistic finish.

Types of Sperry-top angelfish

There are different design styles of the product on the market. Since the designs look like a boat and a fish, some of the various manufacturers are probably named after them, such as the Firefish Stripe Mesh Boat and the Firefish Circle Boat Shoe.

The sole of the shoe is at the heart of the design

If the Sperry Top Sider Angelfish should prevent slipping, the sole of the shoe is very important.

First, the shoe is flat on the ground to ensure a secure grip on the ground. With the quality of leather and rubber, the sole is made in the shape of a dog paw, which Sperry discovered by his dog's ability to move down a freezing hill with great comfort and no slipping.

The latest designs in this product are beautiful designs that add snake skin patterns and other patterned looks.

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