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Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings

Hoops are an old type of jewelry. Creolen have been around since 1475 BC. In Egypt. Today, you have the choice to include a framework in your selection. Article style tires, sleeper tires, constant tires and rear bar tires. Hoops can be made from a variety of precious metals and can also contain precious stones. In addition, these are available in a variety of dimensions that fit your wardrobe. from small and reserved to tall and courageous.

These days there is a new kind of tire on the market: the inverted hoops. These earrings differ in a number of techniques from the classic hoop earrings. First, they can be clawless. Due to their style, these tires do not require a clasp to protect them.

Big Hoops

The towering golden hoops can be bought for women who like to dress casually. The massive hoops could be combined with skimpy jeans and a T-shirt. You can also wear them with Bohemian dresses.

Small Hoops

These gold earrings are definitely better when you sign up for special occasions. After all, you really want you to look simple and classic. In fact, your dress is more valuable than the earrings you are currently putting on.

The second variant is that they are usually slim. They are usually about as heavy as normal earrings designed. Reverse tires must be worn thin due to their use. This also means that the earrings are super light.

So, how do you put on these reverse hoops? It might seem a little silly, but they are reversed. This is because these pieces of jewelery are placed on the back of your piercing, unlike a classic hoop. These are then gently pulled forward until the clasp on the back of the hoop is noticed that it comes into contact with the back of your earlobe.

First, find out how thick the earrings are. A perfect density for reverse hoop earrings is probably less than 1 mm in diameter. If the inverted style hoop ring is larger than 1mm, it may be hard for your piercing hole.


Another factor that you want to study is definitely the metals that make up your inverted hoops. You should be sure that it is really a metal that you are not sensitive to. Personally, I would also recommend avoiding coated precious metals as these earrings will be in your piercing. You do not want parts of the clad metal peeling off in your earring opening.

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