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Mother Bracelets

Mother Bracelets

Why not choose a beautifully handmade mother bracelet that matches your pretty outfit that you can get at a nearby shop? The materials for this bracelet are sterling silver, Swarovski crystal and birthstone. You can choose one with your birthstone or make one to your liking. If you like these unique bracelets, you can order them and send them anywhere in the world.

Pretty birthstone bracelet for a birthday present

You can give a mother bracelets as a gift for your girlfriend on her birthday. It is made of sterling silver, which is decorative and contains between three and four birthstone. The bracelets are perfect for any size between 6.5 "- 7.5" and if you want a different size, you need to order it. When ordering, you must also specify the birthstone of your choice. If you give it as a birthday present, you can use a 10mm ring and a sterling silver Rolo chain with fittings. You will receive it in a gift box printed with a logo.

Mother bracelet Ideal for mother on her birthday

You can get the bracelet in 14ct gold or sterling silver, which are handcrafted by artisans. You can also choose a matching gold filler necklace or a matching sterling silver necklace. If you want to give it a special occasion, you can have the date and name engraved on it. The gold used is 20 gauge for the filling. The length of the rod is 6 mm x 38 mm with a spring closure. You can choose between satined or polished finish.

Mothers bracelet made of beads

Mother of pearl bracelets look very pretty and are very affordable. You can also have it in your birthstone. The bracelet can be combined with a ring and a necklace that you can wear to your formal outfits. The pearls have a nice shine.

If you want to have your mother's bracelet, you can order it online at one of the stores and have it sent to you.

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