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Head Wraps For Women

Head Wraps For Women

Head wraps popularized by Native Americans for their use are now used on all continents for a clothing style. The headgear, as it is often called in Nigeria, is widely used, especially at traditional events such as weddings and festivals.

Head wraps are often used to complement many indigenous costumes of African descent, and probably other countries where they are becoming increasingly popular. At the moment, there are many details that can be combined with modern clothing styles in Europe and America.

Here are four things to associate with the use of headdress wraps:

The tissue

The traditional head wrap is made of thick cotton or wool. High-quality prints are used on fabrics that often take on the color of your main wear. Other cool fabrics than the native cotton can also be used. The modern head wraps have a minimal design in contrast to the traditional ones. You will find some well-known celebrities decorating these headgear.

The style

Everything about head wrap can be modeled in the style of the wearer. In the past, funny style names like "Satellite" and others were popular in African countries.

Nowadays, it's common to have simple styles like the spiral headband, the loop head, and the knots that adorn the latest fashions and garments.

The binding

A major problem that has characterized the wearing of the headgear in the past is the tying process. It was then a tough nut to crack then because of some complexities in design styles. With today's simple headgear look, it should not be a problem to bypass this process to maintain your own bonds or regular styles.

The occasion

Opportunities determine which headwraps are suitable for sub-Saharan African women. The rich culture of the indigenous people always focuses on traditional themes.

In this modern age, there is no more restriction in the event that you can wear a hat when it is not in official service.

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