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Jade Necklace

Jade Necklace

Jade is definitely a gemstone for jewelery making that has become a trigger for many jewelery users and especially jade fans. Choosing a stone like jade is undoubtedly an option for quality and value, and you should be careful to make sure you buy the right jade type from the market.

Check the originality of the jade

If you buy a jade necklace, this is your first check. For experts, however, it is much easier to identify jade as an original. As an individual, you can conduct a review to identify a counterfeit of the original jade by performing a basic test on the product. Depending on the size of the jade necklace, jade is usually not an easy part of its property. They are much denser in nature. Second and most important is a scratch test. If you find that the jade in the necklace is scratched or slightly scratched when you try it with your thumbnails, you should know that this is not a genuine one.

Necklace grade and quality

When buying your jade necklace, keep in mind that the style and characteristics of the jade are different for a necklace design. If you buy a jade-quality vintage jade in a store or online store, the purity and clarity of the jade is the most important to your pricing. With a darker green color, the jade is a quality feature and a higher value because it has a much higher iron content. You may want to first check the originality of the jade first hand before proceeding with other investigations.

Where Jade is cheap

Jade is cheaper at the source, which is in Asia, especially Taiwan and Hong Kong. This is the region where you can buy cheap jade to either use it in your necklace or to save it as a value for future profits. You should beware of imitations of some sellers who are after your money for only a short time.

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