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Emerald Necklaces

Emerald Necklaces

The world has many types of jewelry that can be used by both men and women. In general, women wear more jewelry than men, and there are several pieces of jewelry that are usually tailor-made for women. A necklace is a kind of jewelry that is worn around the neck, so that the neck does not remain naked. Emerald on the other hand is a kind of gem that has a green color. This stone is sometimes used in necklaces to make emerald necklaces. If you decide to rock your emerald necklace, you can use the following tips at their best.

Wear your emerald necklace to a green dress

As the color of the stone in your necklace is green, wearing a matching green dress will help you to look your best in your emerald necklace. You will surely turn more heads and get more attention as many people appreciate the match between your necklace and your dress. You might want to opt for a green dress or a green top and an elegant black skirt. In general, you get a dashing look when you get off with your emerald necklace and a dress that is green or at least has a touch of green. You may want the green of the dress with the necklace to appear in the same shade or in a slightly different shade.

Use emerald jewelry

Of course while using your emerald chain; You also want to wear an earring and a bracelet including jewelry. If you choose emerald jewelery, you can balance your emerald earring so it does not look outside the box. You should follow this tip especially if you wear a dress in a different color that is not green, but fits well with green.

Green shoes and bags

Another way to balance your emerald necklace is to use it with shoes and bags in green color. This is best shown when wearing a full white or a full black dress. You'll still get a great look adorning your emerald green necklace, green shoes and green bags, and a carefully selected matching color of clothing that is not necessarily green.

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