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Stone Jewelry

Stone Jewelry

Gems are minerals or stones that occur in nature and should be cut and cleaned for use as stone jewelry. The cleaning of gemstones is artistic and therefore requires manual skills. The cleaned stones look wonderful, are firm and are worn on the neck, on the wrist or on any part of the body. The stones are cut manually or mechanically to obtain the luster and shape.

Lists of systems used to cut gems

Sawing, lapping, polishing, grinding, tumbling and drilling; With the above methods, gems are given the associated structures: circles, beads, cabochons, inlays, facets, sculptures, mosaics, intaglios and cameos.

The way to gemstone grinding

The cutting of gemstone jewelry is called faceting. In general, a simple machine is used to crush the feature of the stone and clean it. The machine is an uncomplicated machine with a granulating plate called a lap and an array of protractors that hold the stone. The person who shoots this machine is called a faceter who controls the machine to granulate and purify the substance of the stone.

The normal uncut stone is selected for its shade, shape, clarity, and the property that it can be cut and cleaned without breaking the stone. Depending on the state of the stone, the outline is selected. The unwanted unpleasant edges are crushed so that the protractors can grasp them firmly.

Use the stone for gems

To use the stone for gems, it is best to arrange the stone so that a needle passes through the center, so that the aspects reflect the light like a kaleidoscope. The interior is dissolved to ensure that the stone is not unstable. When this is fixed, the characteristics of the stone undergo the basic crushing process. Once the cut is complete, a cleaning specialist is employed to cleanse the various aspects of the gemstone.

In the event that you are a stone collector or a nature, you can undoubtedly mince and clean any stone to add to your collection or use for stone jewelry. For the beginner choose a delicate stone. Wash the stone of dirt and earth. Take a 60 coarse sandpaper and rub it around the stone to shape it. Continue washing it to remove the scratches and smooth the stone. Once the stone surface is smooth and you like what you see, clean the stone with a clean denim material until you get the results you want.

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