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Peridot Rings

Peridot Rings

It is well known that rings are a symbol of power. Today it is also a symbol of beauty. And there are many questions and discussions about how to wear them and how to combine them. Here are some ideas and views that will help you make the right decision and improve your everyday style.

How to wear stones

In jewelry minerals / stones are often used on hands, ears, neck.

Pure transparent minerals are for the dot or ring finger and opaque or slightly transparent for the middle or little finger of the "happy" hand. The right hand is for men and the left hand for ladies.

But there are always exceptions. For example, the peridot ring is suitable for both hands.

Rings are completely different depending on the design. Having a new jewelery lady always wants to show it to the world. But how does one do that, if she already has some rings? Stone is always beautiful, but he does not like "competition", especially when it comes to very large gems. So a stone is for one hand. However, if the stones are not too big, you can wear them on one hand. You can even wear two rings with the stone on the same finger. Sometimes it has a better effect than rings on each finger.

color combination

It is no secret that some stones are like democracy and "society" and others like "loneliness". When it comes to peridot, this stone comes from the democratic family. In addition, it is suitable for everything. Applying three rings of different colors with a peridot ring always neutralizes the influence of other colors and makes the "color play" more vivid, but more classical. You can not do the same with other stones.


If you want to make the right choice, the peridot ring is the best choice. Its green glow will always enrich your day and give your everyday life new momentum.

This is an absolutely correct decision, regardless of whether you are employed, have an appointment or a vocation. Do not be shy to experiment!

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