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White Shoes

White Shoes

When it comes to women's clothing, we are experts. Every woman wants to be in fashion, have many different clothes in her closet. Men are no exception. In ancient times, these were the men who made a fashion. Nothing changed about that. Men only pretend that they do not care what they look like. Men want to look pretty, stylish and nice. Fashion does not forget men. Every detail in a man's wardrobe is counted. Ties, shorts, pants, hats. Is not it rude when a man wears white shoes? No way!

White is more bride

There is the opinion that white color is more for ladies, it is a kind of "bridal color" that means innocence and purity. And some stylists think that white is not a male color. Nonsense! Black and white are two classic tones that are suitable for both men and women. If you choose white, you will not lose.

White makes people look younger. So why not finish your "white" style with the shoes of the same color?

How to choose the right white shoes

You probably already know that fashion is more democratic today. Many different colors match in an unexpected way. If you use shoes, you want a good quality that is comfortable and soft. White shoes can make your style rigorous, but from the other side more style. This means that every woman pays attention to a man who is not afraid of such bold experimentation with shoes and colors. Even the combination of black suit and white shoes will always open your soul.

When to wear

You do not need to think about when to put your white shoes on, that goes without saying … anytime! There should be no special reason for that. If you think it's not for me, you're pretty much right. Especially if your everyday life is associated with dirt. That's understandable, but you can use them on special occasions. These white games always create your own individual style, especially when choosing shoes.

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