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Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets

There is no doubt that there is a growing trend in charm bracelets. This old-time favorite has become a new force with the designer brands, bringing in the concept and making it a shining fashion statement.

Types of bracelets

There are different types of charm bracelets that you can find on the market today. However, the main type offered is a silver snake chain. This type of bracelet allows a variety of charms to glide on it. The original shape of these bracelets consists of silver or gold links and pendants that can be attached to each link. The new innovation in the style of these bracelets provides a safer structure for attaching pendants to the bracelet.

Instead of attaching the charms to the chain links, pull the charms through the hole in the center of the bracelet. In addition, brands like the Pandora use this type of entangled followers. These threads are inside the hole that runs through the center of the charm. This means that you need to screw the charm firmly onto the bracelet to keep it secure.

Bracelet clutches

These bracelets are now more securely attached to the bracelets. To make the overall image of the bracelet even more attractive, there are different types of clutches or closures. The lobster clutches or closures may be the most common. These types of clutches or closures are the standard for all bracelets and mainly have a series of openings that are extremely easy to use.

However, due to the smooth opening of the clutch or the clasp, many charm manufacturers also sell security chains for their bracelets. These add extra security, so the armband catch or spring must be open to keep the armband in place. Other manufacturers or companies use their special couplings or locks such as the Pandora locking handle.

This type of closure opens like a shell. It is immensely tight and therefore difficult to open. Therefore, you must force it to open. This depends entirely on what kind of brand the charm bracelets you can purchase. You can even choose a clutch or a handle made with a different finish for the main part of the bracelet, for example you can buy sterling silver bracelets with gold clutches or clasps.

Types of bracelets

These attractive bracelets are also available in a variety of different materials. Those varieties that are not from Grandiose Brands are usually available in sterling silver. Larger brands such as the Trollbeads and other popular brands also sell this type of bracelets, which come with 18ct gold, tinted leather and even laces. The silver bracelets can often be bought with a high finish or a matt finish. You can even get oxidized silver bracelets. These bracelets have an almost dark appearance due to the oxidation process.

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