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Egyptian Jewelry

Egyptian Jewelry

Because of the popularity of jewelery, most people know that they have a lot of information about jewelery, including things like that, materials, names, and designers. Despite this broad knowledge, there are still some that remain hidden to most people in general. Here are five interesting facts about Egyptian jewelry that you may not know.

The symbols on Egyptian jewelry do not just serve the design

There are some pretty-looking symbols that are often engraved in jewelry. For jewelry from Egypt, the symbols are usually used to denote the religion. The symbols could be gods, magic signs and animals. There is a belief that one could be protected from any evil spirit by wearing a jewelery symbolizing the gods.

scarab beetle

There are Egyptian jewelry with a scarab beetle. This is a representation of Ra (the Sun God) who is worshiped by many people. There is the myth that Ra used his tears to create man.

The use of shells as jewelry

It is no longer common to use shells as a jewelry form. From the Egyptian point of view, people could be protected from the evil eye by using cowrie shells or other types of shells as jewelry. It is also believed to protect against harm because there are women who use it around their pelvic area to guard against miscarriage.

Gold is not only used to represent prosperity

The first thing most people think of when they see gold is wealth. For the Egyptians, gold jewelry is not just a symbol of wealth. It is used to represent the eternal feeling of being, the flesh of the gods, the glory and the fire of the sun.

There is a purpose for Egyptian jewelry

Egyptians wear jewelery for a variety of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with fashion in any way. The main reason why most Egyptians use jewelry is protection against evil forces. There are pieces of jewelry that are believed to have the ability to protect a person from evil spirits.

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