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Chain Necklaces

Chain Necklaces

In terms of versatility, very few types of jewelry can match chain chains. This is because every young girl and woman has necklaces in the jewelry collection. In addition, many people have and use chains when they feel like it. Chain necklace is actually an accessory that can help to perfect your look.

Types of chain chains

Chain chains use a variety of metals, including titanium, bronze, copper, silver and gold. The necklaces could either be long, almost the same size as the neck circumference, short, long enough to touch or even cross the belly button. 20, 18 and 16 inches are among the most popular lengths for chain necklaces. It is also possible that a necklace has a length of more than 36 inches.

Necklace types and types

The links in the length of the necklace and the connection of the links are an important indicator of the style or style of the necklace. There are different limb thicknesses and lengths because the chain can be either fat or sensitive. There are also cases where the link is cut through, adding a faceted shine to the jewelry. The most popular type of chain is the cable type. It has an oval shape and all links in the chain are the same. Each link is linked to the next link in turn. A box chain is a type of chain where there are dice series whose ends are open and alternate while they are connected. This type of chain is generally thicker. When two or more chains are twisted together, it is called a chain of cords.

Some tips for carrying your necklace

If you plan to wear the necklace with a chute or pendant, it is advisable to choose a necklace that is not very bold. This is to ensure that the film or the pendant is also clearly visible on the neck.

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