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Victorian Jewelry

Victorian Jewelry

Put into the past

With the beginning of the Victorian era, the jewelry began with the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1837-1901.

She was a profound lover of jewelry, she designed and wore it, and gave the British people a lucrative gift that seems indisputable and irresistible.

Her untiring passion for jewelery sparked the talents of the jewelery trade, which had a particular impact on her beloved husband Albert.

She gave us the reason to enrich our beauties with such jewelry. In this 21st century, when the word has been faked beautifully by all the revolutionary make-up products and selfie cameras, only ornaments and jewelry give us an authentic aesthetic touch to our natural beauty. We are so busy with our lives and sticking to the social nature (a key to successful living) that we either partake of joy or happiness in parties or invite others to be part of our own happy occasions in which we only our intentions showcase beauty through unique Victorian vintage jewelry. I am sure that you would like to flaunt your acquaintances by fitting yourself with these ornaments.

Various types of ornamentation are enumerated:

Enamelled snake and snake bracelet, pendant, brooches set with diamonds or garnets for ears, wrist and neck

Hand-carved semiprecious stones intaglio or cameo enjoyed greater popularity at this time. It was one of the expensive and precious possessions. It has taken art by storm and still affects the people who carry it. It never went out of fashion

The trend towards black jewelry was launched by Queen Victoria when she mourned the death of her husband. From then on he has become a fashion, another way to showcase and enhance your beauty.

And yet another example that makes the eyes of the people even more beautiful, which not only looks intrusive, but also brings out your personality.

If you have only small segments of enormous content, much to say, you will not be able to match the entire evolution of Victorian jewelry in a few sentences. When I studied the origins of Victorian jewelry, I was intrigued and had to think about their excellent artistic level. By analyzing today's globalized world, where machine and machine technology has almost reduced the burden of human labor, I complained about their inability and dependence on artificial art, which has been lost in a conspicuous staging.

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