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Earring Jackets

Earring Jackets

Earring jackets are a fantastic way to give a little variety to a simple pair of studs. Are you and your special person using the earring assortment? Give everyone some spice with the earring jackets.

Earring jackets resemble the components of your ear studs. They are attached to a piece of metal by means of a pit in the middle, which slides from the back of the bolt into the metal posts. Most earring coats are circular and have a ring of multicolored stones or a window set in earring coats over the steel circle. While others are made with dangling dangling pieces of artistically shaped metal, glass, pearls, beads, etc. with a tiny steel chain through the metal circles of the mantle.

Earring jackets offer the ability to create a much better look with different feelings for many different configurations. The larger multicolor jackets are great for celebrating with friends, though golden dangle coats could make your dinner more stylish. Then just take off the jackets, put them in your pocket and start each day with a conservative look.

Earring jackets for your rescue

Examine your precious jewelery range. You may have owned the identical earrings for some time. Maybe you should replace some with new ones. However, you do not succeed in acquiring a whole new selection. And most likely some of these pieces have emotional value and you do not want to change them either. Nevertheless, you want to do something new, something different. In any case, there is a way to create the excitement as before, like the first time you wore it. This is when the gemstone earring jackets enters the picture or your life.

Give a new look

Whenever you buy cost-effective gemstone earring jackets, give new life to the earrings that you have been experiencing for many years. Designed to match the earrings you currently have, these earring jackets enhance the original shape of the earrings, while giving them a new look

Many styles

Рmy-ear-jackets are in a great many varieties. Some serve as a ring over the authentic earring and add an extra dimension to the earring used. No matter what look you look for, the design and style that suits your individuality, diamond earring jackets are the best, and certainly the most cost-effective, way to enhance your current jewelry selection, making it feel like new.


Earring jackets could be a bit expensive, which can cost between $ 100 and $ 400. They are made of metals that are comparable to other parts of jewelry, silver, precious metal, platinum, etc. Along with a range of semi-precious stones including rubies, sapphires, diamonds and opals. It's best to buy a small box or a velvet pouch to stow your earring jackets when you're not using them.

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