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Chronograph Watch

Chronograph Watch

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Today, a watch is one of the most important items that almost everyone owns. There are different types and models in the market. Regardless of whether it is an analog or a digital chronograph watch, it is a must. Originally, the basic function of the clocks is to tell you the current time, especially if you need to catch up or if you have an appointment that day.

Over time, however, clocks are more than just a time factor today. Now watches can perform other functions depending on the model and technology. Currently, there is already a stopwatch, which is used in every game or sports competition.

fashion items

In general, watches are known as fashion items that can enhance the attractiveness of each individual at the highest level. Therefore, it is no surprise to find watches with luxurious prices.

The question would be, what exactly is an analogue chronograph watch? First, it is best to understand by analogy. Some of today's people would not understand or care about how it works. However, it is very important to know the difference so that you have better options to choose from, especially if you have specific requirements that you make of this type of watch.

You have heard the word analogue before, but you probably do not know what exactly is analog. This type of watch uses mechanical movement of one or more arms or hands to designate the time while the word chronograph stands for a clock. Thus, it also acts as a timer and stopwatch. In addition, chronographs are usually more difficult than watches without a stopwatch attribute.

Types of chronograph watches

In addition, below is a list of types of chronograph watches.

This is the main type of chronograph used to calculate the time spent in horse racing.

It has a digital display. This type of watch requires the use of batteries that need replacing when the battery is exhausted. It does not work with a higher frequency than an analog clock.

  • Analog or automatic chronograph watches

These watches simply resemble digital chronographs but do not require batteries. They depend solely on the kinetic energy of the wearer. They are more difficult and more complicated to produce than the digital clocks. That's why they are more expensive than digital watches.

In addition, digital and analog chronograph watches and other types have, among other things, second and calendar chronographs and speedometer chronographs.

One thing you should keep in mind Chronograph should not be confused with a chronometer. The latter officially means that it is a certified chronometer that has passed certain tests to be accredited. In short, all chronometers are chronographs. However, not all chronographs are qualified as chronometers.

Analog and digital chronograph watches are now regarded by many customers as fashion items.

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