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Fashion Rings

Fashion Rings

Origin of the rings

People use rings as an attribute of the look of antiquity.

In Egypt, the ruby ​​ring meant the power of the pharaohs. In France, a ring means that you are selected. Kissing a Zarsky ring was a sign of respect in Russia.

For some people, the ring is an ordinary jewelry, for others a talisman. Do you know how to wear this jewelry?

Old symbols and ring signs

Both hands have a ring finger. Wearing jewelry on this finger means you are married. In antiquity, this finger was called an "artery of love". It is still the case that it is used for special rings. It depends on the culture, which hand you choose. But usually ladies use the engagement ring on the other side than the wedding. For engagement, it fits diamonds or another stone, but for the wedding it's usually just a plain, golden one.

Thumb or "Lord of the Rings" is a finger for big moderings, usually vintage or with the stone.

If you like power, wear your favorite accessory at the point or power finger. In ancient times, all kings had rings on their index fingers.

The middle finger or the family finger is considered neutral for rings. But if you are superstitious and have important negotiations or some other matter, put the ring on the middle finger and you will succeed.

In ancient times, a ring on the little finger told people that the owner is free to flirt with him.

Modern vision

Maybe we do not follow the rules for wearing our beloved accessories nowadays, but we do not need them. The modings are so big that even a ring emphasizes and shows the taste of the owner. Graceful line or noble stone, figurine or monogram. You can find any kind of ring to your taste and preferences. But do not forget that wearing rings on all fingers is a little rude. It shows people that you are tasteless person.

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