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Wire Earrings

Wire Earrings

The one basic ornament that most women wear is the earring. The earring is traditionally a way to identify a woman. It not only serves this purpose, but is also a fashionable product that women wear in styles that suit every style of clothing.

Earrings designs are available in different styles, materials of designs and patterns. The design of the wire earrings is a growing design of earrings that you would find in the market.

Materials of designs of wire earrings

Wire earrings have become increasingly popular lately. These are the types of earrings that are distinguished by their length in the ear. Most commonly metals such as copper, brass, nickel and gold are used for the design of earrings. Copper is used as a wire for the designs and can be coated to prevent tarnishing. Copper is being used more because of its availability and cheapness. You can have your wire painted in different colors red, blue, green, yellow and purple.

The use of beads and other forms of materials such as pendants may be an additional attachment for wire earring design.

Features and styles of wire earrings designs

Typically, most wire earrings have conventional designs. One thing that is common to many of them is the length of the earrings, which in most cases extends over the earlobe. Some have the wire winding of objects of different shapes that may be round or flat. The dangling earrings often have the end with a hanging form of the object to keep the strain low.

There are different styles that you would find at many manufacturers. These are the rainbow spiral patterns, the twisted wire earrings, the bead type, the heart hook type, and the Celtic knot earrings, just to name a few.

Wire earrings and occasions

Wire earrings can be used on certain occasions and, in some regions, are more popular as a dress style for women. For example, in East Africa, it is often used by women as part of women's cultural jewelry. In occasions such as wedding ceremonies they are popularly used as clothing patterns.

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