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Engagement Ring Sets

Engagement Ring Sets

When buying engagement sets, it's important to pay attention to the ring setting as well. The engagement ring settings are critical as they significantly influence the sophistication, splendor, beauty, and overall appeal of the ring. There are various gemstone and metal styles for setting engagement rings. It is very important that your wife's engagement ring fits her, is elegant and that she wears it comfortably.

Contemporary traditional and classic style

Most of the modern, traditional and classic settings for engagement rings are made of platinum, palladium and white gold or yellow. This can be bought from custom made or preset designs. There is a possibility to choose this type of engagement ring with a diamond or other types of gemstones or not. However, diamond is the most common type of centerstone used for engagement ring sets. There is also the possibility to combine other types of gemstones to decorate the sides of the ring.

Dom setting

The D-ring for engagement rings looks like a cathedral next to the arches. The bands on both sides of the engagement ring are used to attach the diamond in the middle. You can choose the cut for the diamond according to your wishes. Some examples of popular cuts are Princess, Round, Asscher, Cushion, European or Miners styles. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can also add multiple designs. Her engagement ring can be masterfully and individually designed with romantic motifs. The diamond in the middle is secured with a platinum head pin. This type of ring exudes romance and true love.

Classic solitaire

Classic solitaire is a popular style of setting for engagement ring sets. Its reflection and brilliance, which are unique and give an illusory and refined look, is a major reason why many people are interested in the ring. It also has the ability to make your princess or brilliant cut diamonds look bigger.

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