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Wedge Wedding Shoes

Wedge Wedding Shoes

Every woman dreams of looking stylish in everyday life, in the vocation, on the date, at the party, even at the wedding. The beautiful dress, made just for you, is a great way to show yourself to the public. But to get your image, you need one of the details that also shows your charm – shoes.

Why Wedge wedding shoes?

Let's look at the story. Wedge shoes came to us from the Middle Ages when men used them as ball shoes. Wedge shoes were so easy to put on. Nowadays they are more elegant and stylish. Thanks to the large variety of models, you can choose something that has been created for you.

If you still do not know what to wear for the wedding, whether you are a bride or a guest. Wedge bridal shoes is a perfect variant. They are easy to put on and wear. Your legs will not be so exhausted, even if you prefer high heels.

How to choose the color?

Designers recommend a wide selection of wedge shoes. Look around: high heels or flat, black or white, red or dotted, nude or transparent. The shape of the heel can be classic or as a triangle, platform with a very comfortable lifting. The color is very important.

As for wedding wedges, we can not say that the only variant is white. In many countries of the world, it is a tradition for the bride to wear a white dress. And that's why her wedding shoes should fit: white, silver or naked.

Of course, the classical traditions disappear. Many people prefer other colors like red and white, orange, yellow and light blue. And of course it would be really good to have shoes in the same color as a dress.


When choosing wedge wedding shoes, include all the details of your outfit. However, the most important rule is that your shoes are comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off, and that your feet are not like iron chains after being worn.

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