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Underbust Corset

Underbust Corset

The corsets are usually worn by women and sold in large quantities worldwide. These are underwear products worn by women whose chest is extended to the hip and who wear these underbust corsets to shape their figure. These corsets really give them a sexy look and especially when they go to bed, they are no match. When you finally decide to buy a nice corset for you, it's great to have it. But you first have to ask yourself what size you are looking for. This is because some girls have a heavier breast, others a less broad breast and so on. You need to figure out your size, or in simple words, you should know or measure your body exactly to avoid inconsistencies. There are many problems, especially when girls continue to shop and err in their figures, making wrong choices about their clothes.


You must first calculate your waist so you know how to proceed. If you know your waistline, you can easily make the best choice of corset for you and it will be easy to wear and manage for you. Remember to calculate more accurate values, as a small change in the values ​​can cause problems.


If you are going to buy an underbust corset for you, you also need to measure your hips. Chest, waist and hips provide your full figure, and wrong calculations will allow you to choose the wrong part for you. Calculate your hips and then choose the best product that is available and suitable for your body.

Helpful tips

If you have trouble measuring your hips or figure, we can help you by giving you some helpful tips. This includes:

  • Measure your bust full around breasts / breasts
  • The underbust should be measured just under the bra
  • Measure for the hips directly over your hipbone

Sum up; Having underbust corsets is really fun because they are much more comfortable and are best for slender women.

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