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Topaz Ring

Topaz Ring

Both topaz and diamond are naturally occurring stones. Both are organic materials and have been grown and maintained for tens of millions of years. Now the question is which one is better? Is it topaz? Or is it diamond?

Diamond is harder than topaz

On the hardness scale, Topas measures 8, while Diamond gets a whopping 10. This makes it clear that diamond is harder than topaz. Over time, Topaz will easily scratch and leave a shine by absorbing its luster and brightness. On the other hand, diamonds are never scratched and do not lose their shine and become pale. Diamonds are therefore durable, but not topaz. So if you're ever in a dilemma about topaz ring and diamond ring, just choose diamonds with your eyes closed.

Glitter and shine

Wedding rings are worn regularly. For that reason, you would need such a gemstone that endures the rigors of daily life. You definitely want a gem that never stops shining and sparkling. Diamonds belong to this quota. White topaz may look gorgeous and sparkling, but this glow is nothing that lasts forever. Within a few days after wearing the topaz ring, scratches on the surface would be visible and slowly its gloss would fade. In addition, a simple and simple cleaning with foam and toothbrush can bring back the shimmer of the diamond. On the other hand, the topaz ring must be professionally rubbed down to match the one you bought for the first time.


Do not go just by the sparkle and shine of the ring. Consider whether the stones would look clean after washing. What would happen if you were suddenly busy with your work and no longer had time to clean your ring? For everyday use, it is recommended to choose a diamond instead of a topaz ring, as diamonds shine and last for an extended period of time. And it can withstand the rigorous routine of everyday life.

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