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Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite was discovered in the 1960s on the northern edge of Tanzania. Within a short time since its foundation, this blue gem has acquired the most coveted Saphir label. Topaz, tanzanite, sapphire and aquamarine are the four blue-colored gemstones that are found mainly in the jewels of the United States. Although all of them have a blue color, each of them is unique and has a special feature of its own.


Tanzanite rings are available in countless colors, available in a variety of violet, blues and reds. Usually blue and violet are the most common colors in these rings. Purple and blue are deep colors and adorn the hands of the wearer. Women love jewelry for ages. Therefore, these rings emphasize the beauty of a woman with their color combination.


Tanzanite rings are also available in various forms. These forms are such that one is forced to go over them. Heart, oval, marquise, pear, princess, round, emerald, pillows and trillions are some of the shapes to choose from. Of all these shapes, the pillow shape is the most admired and popular. The second near the pillow shape is the trillion. Heart, Oval, Marquise etc. are the other forms that follow.


The cost of these Tanzanite rings differ in weight. It is between 427 and 654 dollars per carat. Other factors that determine the price of tanzanite rings are the type of cut, the clarity and sharpness of the stone and its color depth. In terms of color, AAA +, AAA, AAA / AA, AA and A should also be considered. AAA + is the extraordinary color, AAA is vibrant color, AAA / AA is intense color, AA is moderate color and A is bright color.

The price range of AAA + ranges from $ 240 to $ 650. $ 200 and $ 550 are from the second category, which is from AAA. AAA / AA is worth between $ 100 and $ 375, AA between $ 70 and $ 250, while A is between $ 50 and $ 200.

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