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Rockabilly Wedding Dress

Rockabilly Wedding Dress

Rockabilly bridal gown is handmade for this occasion. It consists of organza, lace, satin and taffeta. You can also have it made to order. The dress flatters the figure with a luminous taffeta next to a beautiful lace overlay. The top of the dress is provided with a heart-shaped neckline, which is covered with a lace. The dress is highlighted by a taffeta waistband that defines the waist. The dress is made with a full taffeta skirt with lace.

The flattering rockabilly dress

The skirtabilly dress is made of taffeta and lace with a satin petticoat with organza cover. Under the top is a two-ply tulle layer. It is finished with a Windsor Elastic Cast available in any color of your choice.

The dress can be sewed with a bone or delivered in a loose size for an additional charge. It can be sewn in any color like ivory, white or even black. The bodices of the dress are lined and double stitched. They are strong and can withstand a lot of wear.

Vintage Style or Rockabilly Wedding Dresses

If you choose a vintage or rockabilly wedding, there are a few designs to choose from. One of the designs is Vivien of Holloway, which is very affordable and has a vintage lace overlay that costs just £ 115.

If you're looking for a traditional wedding dress like the 1950's ankle-length with fine straps and lace trim, it costs $ 630. So be the charming bride and put on the dress for a special rockabilly wedding.

A rockabilly style wedding

The bride's farm held a rockabilly-style wedding. They wanted a fun and relaxed atmosphere for the wedding and opted for the first dance as a rockabilly dance. The ceremony was both funny and sweet, as the nephew read a toast at the celebration that "he is not perfect"

If you choose a wedding, follow the rockabilly style with the 1950s wedding dress.

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