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Summer Wear

Summer Wear

Summer is the only season in a year that is a common problem we all suffer from and that is about summer clothing. Here are the basic tips and tricks for your outfits that will be very helpful during the summer season.

Always wear bright colors of towels:

White color is the most preferred summer, and it can be your friend as well. However, you can choose bright colors dresses. You should always keep in mind that dark colors absorb light and bright clothes reflect light, so the clothes with bright colors are always breathable and give you the breeze.

Wear loose towels:

Loose wraps always keep you cool, so you can feel comfortable and relax on hot days. You should consider buying light towels. Cotton is the more breathable material than polyester and rayon. You should be careful to wear shirts or tops with full sleeves that protect you from heat and sunlight.

Wear socks:

Always wear socks when you go out. Without socks your feet will get wet and dirty. Socks protect your feet from dust. With socks your feet stay clean and cool. There are several net socks available on the market that you can try. It makes you more comfortable and cooler.


Jewelry always plays the best role for outfits, but on hot days you should avoid heavy and full jewelry. It can give you more sweat. Light chain and lightweight earrings can make you more comfortable, cool and stylish.


Sunglasses are also an integral part of the hot days. There are different brands of sunglasses in the market. It keeps your eyes cool and goes well with your outfit. Sunglasses come in different shapes and colors. You should choose the best that suits your face and your outfits.


Instead of carrying heavy bags, carry a lightweight bag or handbag that will keep you cool and comfortable.


It is very difficult to treat make-up on hot days due to sweat. You should first apply the sunscreen lotion available from your local department store. Then you can make-up, but make sure that it should be easy.

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