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Straw Hats

Straw Hats

For centuries, straw hats have been part of the style icon, and they play an important role in fashion. In England, straw hats used to be worn exclusively by the upper classes earlier in the 19th century. It was added to all social events in the middle of the century. It was very much in demand after the Charlie Chaplin movies.

A perfect hat can enhance the look of any outfit. However, not everyone can look good with their outfits. In the following, we briefly discussed how you can choose and wear suitable straw hats.

There are now different types of straw hats in the market. Various types of hats for different occasions. Before you buy them, you should consider for which occasion you are looking for hats. Like Pedora, hats can usually be worn with festive clothing and Newsboy hats for a casual look. Many people avoid wearing straw hats because they fear their hair will flatten, but if you take care to choose the right cap and fabric. It gives you add-on to your dress.

Get the exact size

Wearing a too small hat is the main reason for the head of the hat. If you choose the perfect fit for your head, your hairstyle will not be confused.

Decide on the right material

Some materials are also the reason for hat head. Cotton, wool and other materials can fight the hat head.

Do not wear hats on wet hair

Hats should only be worn in dry hair. If a person's hair is wet, it dries underneath and messes up when you take off your hat.

Make sure the hats match your outfits

You should always pay attention to the color of your hats, if it does not match your outfit, then you ruin your entire clothing look. You should also be careful to wear the right style of hats on the right outfits. For example, you need to wear fedora with evening wear, while newsboy cap with jeans and t-shirts.

Honor your manners

Basically, wearing hats is not just a style status. You should also respect it with a tip and remove it if necessary.

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