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Filigree Earrings

Filigree Earrings

Earrings are a very popular accessory nowadays. Designers compete for who makes favorite jewelery for women perfect. Here are millions of models that capture your heart. But is something in them?

Did you know?

Can you imagine that earrings were created long ago as a decoration for men? In Egypt, they were a sign of the position of high society, in Rome they wore only slaves, in Greece, it was an attribute of hookers. On the other hand, Greek and Roman ladies wore earrings with pearls or stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds to demonstrate their wealth. Oriental masters knew no bounds in making masterpieces of gold or silver with gems, and their imagination was reflected in the most luxurious pieces of antiquity.

There were other countries where earrings were very popular, and people wore them not for fashion but usually to show their family rank.

The use of earrings

Nowadays, you can meet different types, such as earrings, rings, clips, pendants and many others, like filigree earrings. Do you know what distinguishes filigree from others?

Filigree are usually big long earrings. Not all ladies prefer to wear them. But they probably did not find any design they would like to wear, or they do not know the rules for wearing them.

Filigree is the best with the hair. In this case they show the whole beauty of your neck and extend it visually. It is not necessary to use such a massive necklace with them, otherwise you will spoil all the beauty of filigree trees. They already accentuate both ears and neck and decolette.

If you want to loose your hair, filigrees are not suitable because the hair already shows your appearance and hides the accessory. But you can always try and see.


Do not say that filigree earrings are not for you if you've never tasted them before. Shops propose a huge range of them. In addition, filigree is trendy these days and you do not need a special occasion to wear it.

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