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Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings

Pearls are designed by oysters and are considered gems. You can get pearls in different shapes and colors and the most common ones are cultivated. The reason for this is that there are probably only one natural pearl per 10,000 oysters. A cultured pearl is really a tiny pearl that is placed in an oyster and kept for cultivation. It's really covered with layers of mother-of-pearl – a pearl-like compound that creates a shiny pearl.

Pearl earrings are available in a variety of designs, including pearl pendants and simple studs. There are a kind of pearl earrings that are suitable for every budget. So look around and you'll find one that suits your taste and price range

Before you buy a pearl earring, you should know some features of some earring designs.

The stud earring

This is actually the most classic and inexpensive earring. The pearl or other gemstone floats on your earring, while a screw firmly supports the earring.

Stylish Pearl earrings

Threader Pearl Earring offer beautiful and trendy appearance for your selection. These earrings are fully adjustable to create a personal product that suits you perfectly.

Pearl earrings from Chandelier

The earring has several links that dangle deeper from the base of the earring. Since these are a few gems, most are teardrop or teardrop shaped.

How to choose Pearl earrings

Design – Choose a suitable earring style that could make you something special. But the jewelry package for women could not be loaded without having a few earrings.

Pearl Dimension: There are also many bead measurements that disturb your choice. For every ear stud, a 12mm diameter bead is sufficient, as larger bead sizes require a large earlobe that can turn your ears into a stunning environment. But also 6mm beads can be nice

The material: Some pearl earrings are made of 18ct gold, 14ct gold, solid sterling silver or other inexpensive components. This is actually an individual choice. However, if you are sensitive to metal, choose gold earrings. Other gems like jade or crystal are a perfect match for pearls.

length: Considerable measures make pearl jewelery clean and beautiful and can prevent children and babies from unintentionally handling it and tear it off or maybe your ear.

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