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Mood Ring

Mood Ring

The design of rings was taken to a new level in 1975 by the two creative inventors Josh Raynolds and Maris Ambats. These two have designed a ring that responds to your finger temperature through color changes. They place liquid crystals in quartz stones. This design was called the mood ring. That means it depends on your mood. Yes, it picks up your mood at the time and tells you so in the color change of the crystal liquid component.

The mood rings are, as usual, a round finger band, but contain a thermochromic substance in the bezel that changes color as the wearer's finger temperature changes.

The general ring parts

There are four basic parts of the ring that are worn by humans. These are the settings for tire, shoulder, bezel and stone or gemstone. The bezel is the wide area that is noticeable when worn in the front area of ​​the finger. This is an important part of a ring because it defines most of the other parts in terms of value and quality.

The components of the mood ring

The mood rings are designed like all other rings and have the same parts as mentioned above. The addition to the components is the crystal substance stored in the bezel, which gives the mood ring the additional functionality.

A combination of functionality and style

The design of the mood rings undoubtedly underlines the ingenuity of the manufacturers. It works and responds to the prevailing body temperature conditions. Different temperatures cause the crystal to reflect different wavelengths that affect the color changes. At the normal body temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius, it is neutral. It is an ornament made with imitation stone that has the inside filled with the crystal substance. The ring can be described as a handy thermometer, which makes it special in its design.

With this ring, you can constantly check your health and get things under control.

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