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Locket Necklace

Locket Necklace


One of the things that always comes to mind when thinking of the various items used for personal adornment are necklaces, rings, and brooches. These ornaments are specially made of precious metals and stones. Usually they are made of fine designs. In addition, they have been specially designed and worn to enhance the beauty and status of the various wearers. Again, it is about defining the cultural, religious and even social status of the bearers in a particular community. When it comes to showing the carrier's economic status, the items are extremely expensive. On the other hand, they are usually colorful and appear in rare designs and styles, if the purpose of the ornamentation and attention is as well. In the past, some of these accessories were worn by warriors and high-ranking military personnel to demonstrate their different ranks and personal achievements. Some of these pieces of jewelery are also made individually. One of the hottest pieces of these items currently used for personal jewelry is the medallion necklace.

Medallion Necklace

A medallion is a piece of jewelry that usually hangs from necklaces. They are always open to indicate an area where pictures and other items are kept. Unlike other types of jewelry, they are more valuable and special in that they have a space or a compartment where you can always place things for sentimental purposes. Therefore, they are often used to represent love and friendship. However, they usually come in different shapes like charms and bracelets. In most cases, they are worn on chains that are usually around the neck and often contain a photograph of the wearer or the person who gave the locket. It is important to know that they usually have different shapes. Most of their shapes are usually oval, circular and usually made of precious metals such as gold and silver, which shows their aesthetic value.

Things to put in your medallion chain

One of the most common things you should put into your medallion chain is the photo of yourself or a loved one. However, you should take an existing photo and crop it perfectly to match the size and shape of your necklace. Another important element that you should put into your medallion chain is written messages with great and romantic ideas. You can also write a heartfelt message that reminds him or her of a favorite quote. It is remarkable to know that the aesthetic values ​​of a medallion necklace lie in the fact that it can always be adapted to its choice, purpose and style.

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