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Designer Earrings

Designer Earrings

People wear earrings everyday to supplement their ensemble when they go to the office or to go shopping. Designer earrings give the everyday life a new touch. Pyramid stud earrings are 1 "long and consist of Swarovski crystal with 10ct gold or ruthenium tone plated brass.

How designer earrings can highlight your outfit

You can be elegant with designer earrings that fit your outfit. These earrings are made of a metal alloy with a lever lock. They hang with gold-colored zirconia stones. The earrings are 5 cm long and should be kept away from sprays, water and perfume.

You can have the pleasure of decorating your ears with these pierced earrings and looking good. Below is a ball filled with diamonds and a diamond at the top. The golden ring hangs on the side of the ear and emphasizes the look.

Is brass jewelry good for your health?

Brass jewelry is used by many for its versatility and beauty. While some believe it has health benefits. Due to its malleability and softness you can get a variety of finishes in brass. Many people wear bracelets, bangles, necklaces, and rings because they believe their skin absorbs minerals from brass and supplies them to the body.

In addition to melanin production in the skin, brass is considered by many to be the key to metabolism, absorption and distribution of iron in the body. There are claims that brass can help alleviate arthritis pain and skin condition.

Designer income for style

With design earrings you can stand out in a group. Some of them are made of brushed gold and sparkling topstones to highlight the sparkle in your eyes. Most of them are handmade with 18ct yellow gold frames. In the middle is a round blue topaz. The stone has a diameter of about ½ inch.

You can get high-quality designer jewelry that is hand-engraved with diamonds, 18ct gold and other semi-precious stones. Easy to wear designer jewelry with unique patterns.

If you like designer earnings, you can buy them online or in some designer boutiques and enhance your outfit.

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