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Lariat Necklaces

Lariat Necklaces

Lariat can generally be defined as a long rope that usually has a loop used to catch animals. As a jewel, a lariat necklace is a long chain strand that sometimes contains semi-precious stones. There are cases when it comes with a clasp like most other ties. If you do not know how to wear a lariat necklace, or are looking for new ways, here are some ways you can wear them.

Like a scarf

You can experiment to tie your lariat necklace like a scarf around your neck. In this case, you can wrap it around your neck once and then just hang the two ends of the necklace on either side of your neck. You can change the look of Larios on your neck by changing how tight the necklace hangs around your neck. You might have the impression of wearing a loose necklace or a choker. You can further change the position of the packaging so that the loose ends hang backwards. Try this with a backless or backless dress or top and you'll get a flashy look.

As a tie

You can also use a simple type of lariat necklace as a tie. You should be careful if you have stones or crystals on it, such as diamonds, to prevent them from falling. Although there are many types of ties, it is easy and good enough to wrap one end around another and guide it through the resulting loop.

As a bracelet

Your lariat necklace could also be a pretty bracelet. If it has a long strand, you can wind it from the elbow at your risk and then tie it so that you get dangling edges. They would achieve a new type of cuff bracelet. You can also wrap it around your wrist alone, and it looks like you're wearing many bracelets at the same time. This can be useful if you do not want your hand to be naked.

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