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High Waisted Bikinis

High Waisted Bikinis

Swimsuits are costumes in which women can go swimming. They can also be worn by women when they enjoy the pool, sunbathing or on the beaches. These can be designs made just for professional water sports, or clothes for everyone in the pool. These garments are given many names in different regions. Apart from bathing suits, it is sometimes referred to as a bathing suit and swimming trunks, to name but a few. Although similar in some ways, they are different in some others.

General description of bikinis

Bikinis are generally a type of swimsuit that has its unique design. Unlike the one-piece swimsuit, which goes down from the body, it differs greatly in that it is divided into two parts – the upper bra and the lower pants down.

Types of bikini

We can divide bikinis into women's high and low waist designs. The low waisted type may be described as having the waist area having a lighter coverage such that some areas on the sides are exposed.

Bikinis can also be high-waisted bikinis where the lower panty design is high enough to better cover the waist area. This is a more practical design that offers better modesty compared to the low waist type.

Bikinis can also be available in different sizes. You can see microkini, monokini and others.

Design pattern for bikinis with high waist

High waist bikinis can be made from styles that define different tastes. These are designed to not only appeal to fashion, but also to consider the size of the woman involved. There are designs especially for plus size and other weight types.

Design patterns also speak for the different designs. The floral designs are beautiful and colorful designs made of high quality material. The vintage looks are also easily coupled with the traditional costumes with conventional trends.

The many designs of swimsuits are largely made of products that allow the flow of water around the body with less retention.

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