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Blue Topaz Earrings

Blue Topaz Earrings

Topaz will be the birthstone for people born in December. After learning that it is our birthstone, everyone is developing an interest in topaz. At the moment, I've accumulated a considerable amount of blue topaz jewelry. My personal favorite is a pair of topaz earrings that my husband gave me on Mother's Day. Topaz is inexpensive, though it has an amazing sheen and shade that can compete with any other gemstone.

What is topaz?

From a chemical point of view, topaz is really a silicate, which means that it contains silicone and O2. What distinguishes topaz from other silicates is the presence of fluoride and aluminum. A pure natural topaz stone is crystal clear, but there are numerous topaz colors available, which are generally due to other substances, which is 100% pure natural stone. Pale blue topaz has evolved from the rarest to the most typical topaz species after the developers developed a process to convert 100% pure topaz by exposing it to hot conditions after irradiation. The primary temperature, which is essential for the transformation of a true topaz into blue topaz, makes it the most difficult of the silicate rocks.

Qualities of Blue Topaz Earrings

During this process of collecting blue topaz earrings, I actually discovered some wonderful attributes that can be found in a topaz. This birthstone has a variety of colors ranging from blue to smoky and aquamarine. My blue topaz earring collection is a great illustration showing these beautiful shades owning topaz. This variety of shades can occasionally be problematic if you want to attach something that suits them.

The topaz earrings that were given to me were covered with magnificent, icy and very clear topaz. It captures and demonstrates the lighting exactly the way diamonds with excellent polish would do. Nevertheless, they can all be complicated with additional jewelry. I tried to complete it by having a necklace with a large stone surrounded by two smaller species.

Summary – blue topaz earrings

Good eyesight is crucial if you want to add gems and jewelry. Although it might be a challenge, I continue to enjoy the different tones and quality of the light blue topaz earrings. Maybe the challenge would be a lot easier if I enlarged my collection.

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