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White Gold Wedding Bands

White Gold Wedding Bands

The wedding atmosphere

It can not be denied that the wedding day is an unforgettable day for both the bride and the groom. With the colors of the different decorations on the clothes and the food and drink everywhere, it is indeed colorful and everyone would love to remember it for the time it takes.

The wedding ring or wedding ring is an item that would not go unnoticed as it is used for the climax of the wedding rites. The choice of band type that couples use depends on their style and preferences. The gold variants are often a selection of metals for most wedding rings.

Pure gold jewelry is rare

Pure gold is not often used in jewelry because of its characteristic softness. What you have are gold alloys with considerable amounts of gold, measured in carats. The 18ct is the most valuable form on the market with a 3: 1 ratio. That is, three measures of gold to a measure of the other metal clad with it. The metals coated with the pure gold are made to complement the nature of the gold by being hardened to ensure good use. The white gold wedding bands are made of gold and other metals.

Shapes of golden wedding rings

There are three basic variations in which gold is alloyed and used in jewelry. These are the rose gold, the yellow gold and finally the white gold that we are all about.

The yellow gold jewelry consists of alloys of gold, silver and copper. This gives the design style used for wedding ceremonies.

Rose gold is the love gold type. It is also known as red or pink gold, which are symbols of romantic life.

White gold is a mixture of pure gold with white metals like silver and palladium. This also serves to improve the quality of the gold finish and produce a white, brilliant shine. Rhodium is often used for coating to obtain the shine. The use of white gold wedding bands or rings is elegant and very attractive for weddings and engagements.

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