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Turquoise Jewellery

Turquoise Jewellery

Types of turquoise used in turquoise jewelry

In the production of turquoise jewelry a variety of turquoise is used. They are Bisbee, stabilized Bisbee, improved Bisbee, Blue Diamond, Blue Moon, Ajax and Blue Gem. The Ajax is mostly bluish in color, although the blue ranges from a lighter to a darker blue. Bisbee is a mixture of light blue and dark brown. This turquoise has a different color from pastel to dark green and sometimes the opposite of dark blue to light brown. Stabilized bisbee usually has the same color when the stones are cut from the same nugget. But even then sometimes color differences in the stones can be found. Enhanced Bisbee Turquoise is less appreciated for its gradual fading and fading of its natural color. To increase their color, they are soaked in some solution for a short period of time. Blue Diamond, Blue Moon and Blue Gem, all three have a bluish color, as the name implies.

Meaning of turquoise

The turquoise is considered a sign of friendship. It is said that the wearer of this stone or the turquoise ornament receives the characteristic features of the stone embedded therein. Turquoise is the symbol of truth and wisdom,It is always identified with positive and strong qualities such as purity and healing. Turquoise stone is prized for its color and divine power.

Stones used in turquoise jewelry

Turquoise stones have wonderful metaphysical components that have an extraordinarily strong healing power. They help us to deal with ourselves and to overcome our grudges and the drudgery of everyday life. These stones help us to become clear-sighted and preserve our feminine and masculine facets. The inherent power of turquoise stones helps us communicate with the truth. They give us access to knowledge about our previous life through their vibration, which echoes in our throat and third eye chakra. This is especially helpful when struggling in metaphysical environments as they help increase our potential to communicate with everything that comes from the mind in our daily lives.

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