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Titanium Wedding Rings

Titanium Wedding Rings

How are titanium wedding rings made?

Titanium wedding rings are pieces of jewelry that consist mainly of titanium. The real constituents of titanium differ from purely commercial ones to those used in airplanes. The purely commercial form has 99.85 titanium, while the aircraft form is a mixture of 95% titanium, 8% aluminum and 4% vanadium.

Properties of titanium wedding rings

Titanium wedding rings have many special features. First and foremost, these chains are not poisonous and toxic. They are allergy friendly. Next, these are pretty easy. You would not feel that something is tied to your finger. Third, these wedding rings are corrosion resistant. It is water resistant and contains partly chlorine water, seawater and even acids. Therefore, titanium wedding rings are suitable and suitable for people who frequently or regularly swim in chlorine-impregnated water. In contrast to brass, bronze and silver, titanium is not tarnished and is not subject to any quality loss. This also means that they have long-lasting load-bearing properties and have a strong durability. Titanium is best suited for wearing among all metals because of its unique and distinctive properties.

Types of titanium wedding rings

Titanium wedding rings have been made over the years in a variety of eye-catching designs and styles as a jewel. Some of the designs and styles are as follows:

· Classic rings usually have a circular or oval shape with a shiny touch. Its production is mainly based on ordinary and normal machines and no external equipment and techniques.

  • Titanium rings made of Mokumgan give the ring a kind of wood grain. This is perceived as a Japanese casting method. To achieve this, the blacksmith had to have extraordinary abilities; Although by the use of many modern techniques, such. As controlled atmospheres and temperature controlled ovens, this process has become relatively easier.
  • The third type of titanium wedding rings are frost titanium rings. These have a frozen appearance; especially the drops of water that form after removal from a freezer.

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