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Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are arranged in tiny gemstones like diamonds, which are connected together to form a tapered chain. These bracelets are made exclusively of precious stones and are decorated with ornaments and ornaments. However, the definition of these bracelets differs from jeweler to jeweler. Any pattern that uses diamonds over and over again can be called a tennis bracelet.

How did the tennis bracelet get its name?

The tennis bracelet took its name from Chris Evert, the tennis player of the World Cup, who had worn it in their 1987 games. During such a game, the cord of the bracelet broke off and it fell off her wrist. The game was paused until she could find her bracelet. That's how the name "tennis bracelet" was invented.

Bracelet design

These bracelets are simple yet funky. There are different styles for this bracelet. The style of the bracelet depends on the following factors:

  • Shape of the stone – In addition to round diamonds, rectangular or square diamonds and emeralds are also used.
  • Choice of Stone – Although diamonds are the most popular gemstone for tennis bracelets, different styles can also contain stones that are not as valuable as gemstones and may contain birthstone.
  • Metals Used – White, yellow and gold are the most sought-after metals for these bracelets, although there are also different types of gold such as sage and rose. For very strong and expensive bracelets, platinum is often used because it is firmer and firmer.

How expensive are these bracelets?

The final price for a tennis bracelet depends mainly on the carat weight of the diamonds. Most of these bracelets cost between $ 300 and $ 4,000. The final costs are also influenced by the quality of these diamonds. While the certified and tested stones cost more, the normal stones with comparatively poor quality are inexpensive. Different colors and shades of diamonds can also be used to create a distinguishing feature. In this case, however, the costs would be much higher than with normal bracelets.

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