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Scholl Shoes

Scholl Shoes

Scholl shoes are made with innovative technology that provides the right posture under the heel and absorbs the impact of each step. Whenever you have a long day at your feet, you should consider the shoe brand of Dr. Ing. Scholl try. These shoes are designed to relieve the pain in the feet of people who have to work for hours on their feet.

The specialty of dr. Scholl's shoes

The shoes of Dr. Scholl are designed in a contemporary style and offer a cushioned comfort for the feet. All kinds of shoes, from ballerinas to winter shoes, with padded insoles designed by the expert dr. Scholl were designed, you can walk comfortably. These soles absorb the impact and relieve the foot, back and leg during the day.

If you suffer from shin splints, runners knees or knee pain, change your day shoes to Dr. med. Scholl's sneakers. There's nothing better than starting your day in comfortable wedge heels or ankle boots.

Dr. Scholl's shoes for exceptional comfort

Each of Dr. Scholl designed footwear aims at maximum comfort for the feet with a little fashion. The shoe consists of a memory foam footbed with a leather-covered top of patent leather or other leather. It has a vamp-bed and can be put on.

The heel height is next to pointed toes and the synthetic outsole about 6 cm. With these shoes you can enjoy long hours at your feet.

Ankle Bootie Designed by Dr. med. Scholl

Like all his shoes, these ankle boots are equipped with the greatest possible comfort. There are hardware and software that merge together for convenience. The upper end of the boot is relaxed. The front of the shoe is wide and there are integrated seams for a rugged look. Riveted straps are held apart by hammered ring handles.

The insole is made of Cool Fit Memory foam. It has 1ΒΌ inch leather wrapped and stacked heel.

If you want to enjoy the comfort of painless feet while working on your feet all day long, buy Dr. med. Scholl's special shoes.

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