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Ladies Ring

Ladies Ring

When it comes to getting gifts for women, you can hardly go wrong by getting her a ring or some other jewelry. The size of the ring and the way it is measured may vary depending on the location. For example, in the UK, the size of the rings is typically between A and Z, while in the United States it is between 1 and 13. For the rest of Europe, a specific dimension of 12.065 mm to 22.225 mm is used. Here are some tips to help you find the right ring for you.

Secretly borrow your ring

If you want the right ring size for the lady and do not want her to know what you're up to, you can secretly borrow her ring. If you bring the ring to the store, it can measure it and help you determine the exact size. You may be lucky enough to get the kind of ring that you want to buy in the right size in this business. Otherwise, you will at least know the exact amount that will depend on how the rings are measured at your location. You may also be happy to have similar finger sizes. You can confirm this by playfully removing her ring from her finger and laying it on her. If it fits, you can easily use your own finger as a measure. There are also some ring types where the size of the ring in the ring is indicated. There you can check and retrieve the size of the ring.


You should know the taste of the lady for whom you want to get the ring in terms of jewelry. You can easily tell from the type of jewelry she normally wears. Watch her if she goes to a very important occasion and see if she wears gold or silver, as well as the type of stone.


The way you present a gift is as important to most women as the gift. Make sure it is properly packed and packaged. You should also give it as a surprise and probably a special occasion.

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