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Gold Watch

Gold Watch

It is no secret that people wear watches. Designers of different brands give us many models. The choice is so big that sometimes it's hard to find the only one. When we talk about gold watches, we can not hide that it's a very smart choice. But how do you choose exactly what you need?

5 Necessary Advice on Choosing Gold Watch

  1. If you want to buy a watch, go first to the watch page or buy where you can see what they offer you.
  2. You can not listen to your "best friend" what kind of watch he should buy as he / she will not wear them.
  3. They choose the clock only for themselves, not for the public. So find something that you like, even if it's not in fashion.
  4. Which brand should I choose? Good question. Of course, depends on your assets. But if we talk about the watch, this accessory will wear you every day, so you will find the right one. Sometimes selection by brand is not an option.
  5. A gold watch will always be in fashion, even if the design is not "top" this year.

Big golden clock VS Little

The size is important. Big clock is a fashion. Some of them look great. Think about the size of your wrist. Huge clock on a small wrist looks ridiculous. If you choose a big watch, make sure your shirt's cuffs are the right size. You do not want to exchange the entire wardrobe for a new clock!


Pay attention to the color. Every stainless steel watch, white gold and platinum bracelet goes with it. Black belt – is casual, but does not fit with all outfits. 18ct gold watch with a black bracelet is elegant, with brown bracelet is delicate. Gold watch with gold bracelet looks stylish and expensive. Watch with brown, yellow-brown, blue, yellow, green and sometimes gray bracelet is more casual. White dials are easy to read and the black ones are "cooler" and human-like.

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