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Custom Wedding Rings

Custom Wedding Rings

Wedding ring is the only piece of jewelry that you will buy together and wear every day of your life. It's best to make some decisions before you buy the ring. First you have to decide if you want a simple band without gems. The next decision you should make is whether you want to be unique with a white gold band or a yellow gold band. The final decision is whether the two should be identical. Custom wedding rings are unique for each one

Finely crafted custom wedding rings

A wedding ring remains permanently on the finger, so that a simple design without gems holds long. If there are gems, they can fall out and have to be replaced. Whatever the style may be, make it unique and personal.

Sometimes people like diamonds or rubies or other stones embedded in the gold band. So if you want diamonds or gems in your wedding ring, you can choose the stone you like and the jeweler will prepare one of your choices.

The perfect wedding ring

The metal you choose for the wedding ring is important for its longevity and style. The popular choice for wedding rings is yellow gold metal, which is practical and comfortable to wear.22 carats of gold are mainly used for wedding rings. Considering that the wedding ring is worn for many years, 18ct gold that is 75% pure or 9ct gold that is 37.5% pure can also be used as a wedding ring. They are strong and can be easily fabricated in any environment.

White gold, used to make wedding rings, is alloyed with yellow gold and other metals such as nickel and zinc to give it a silvery white color.

The different metals for custom wedding rings

Individual wedding rings are made of yellow gold, platinum, palladium and sterling silver. Custom wedding rings are often made from rose gold that contains copper, giving it a rich yellow look. Sometimes two or more gold tones are used in making a wedding ring.

If you decide to get married, custom wedding rings can make the day special for you

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