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Cloche Hat

Cloche Hat

Sometimes women's clothing does not seem to be complete without a matching hat. This may be the type of event to attend. For a religious gathering, such as attending a church program, you may need something for a blanket, such as the bell hat.

What is bell-hat and its origin?

The bell hat is a bell-shaped hat that women wear. In fact, the word cloche, which comes from the French root, means a bell. The Cloche Hat creation dates back to the early twentieth century and has since gained popularity and seen some modifications. His fashion style then becomes more stylish to even serve as a hair styling tool when worn.

The design pattern of the bell hat

The bell cap was made of felt, a woolen textile that was soft and textured enough to be worn comfortably. It is designed to cover the forehead of a woman and almost part of the eye.

The hat has often been decorated to highlight different styles and tastes. Embroidery, jewelry and fan feathers are some of the decorations that adorn the product.

The traditional message that was linked to the bell hat in the past

It is interesting to know that this hat was so popular that it contained some definitions and messages. These messages refer to the marital status of a woman wearing the hat at this time. The ribbon designs say it all. A solid knot indicates that a woman is married, a colorful bow indicates that she is single and willing to interact freely with others. An arrow shows that a girl is still single, but already has a relationship with someone.

These are now obsolete, but the bell hat still serves different purposes and styles for women's fashion, especially in cold regions or in the winter time. Cultures such as in France and other European nations still use the bell hat as a dressing style. The ecclesiastical clothing is also supplemented by the wearing of the bell hat.

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