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Cameo Brooch

Cameo Brooch

Miniature is representation in the carved stone. In antiquity, precious medallions, brooches and hairpins were made from precious stones.

Everything was changed today.

What is cameo?

Cameo is a symbol of refined beauty. This is an extraordinary work of art where you will find a combination of elegance, beauty and perfection. This art came to us from antiquity. Cameos carving is not an easy job. It takes patience, great skill and the ability to see the sheer beauty of the stone, which only a brilliant artist can reproduce. It took years of uninterrupted work to make a cameo.

Cameo brooches nowadays

Cameo brooch, perhaps one of the most exquisite vintage accessories today. It will give every dress a "royal" romantic pleasure, even the boring one. Usually it is a portrait of a woman with detailed details of precious or semiprecious stones such as quartz, onyx, agate. And every detail is sharp-edged: hair, neck and face.

It is very popular to use stones as part of your daily image. You will be able to see a wide selection of cameo brooches made from very expensive beads, up to much cheaper acrylic ones.

When should you wear a cameo brooch?

You can wear your brooch with both the dress and the fur hat, decorate the evening coat or put on the strap as a buckle, even with your handbag. This brooch looks elegant on the collar of your shirt or vintage blouse. There is a kind of aristocratic image.

Brooch is not a good idea for the jeans / cotton outfit in a human-like way. Here you can use a cameo ring instead.

But if you want to follow the fashion or experiment and surprise, this unusual accessory is just right for you.


If you think you run the risk of adding a cameo brooch to your casual outfit, you're wrong. Every woman is a queen inside. The cameo style adds a "royal" puzzle to your dull gray life no matter what your mood is today.

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