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Business Suit

Business Suit

In the past, top companies always had a dress code for the office that consisted of a business suit. With start-ups, the dress code for offices has become more casual today. You'll find employees in startups with jeans, sneakers, T-shirts, hoodies and turtlenecks. However, an entrepreneur, a start-up manager, or a business manager must have a business suit in the dressing room to hold a press conference, a meeting with a potential business partner, or a networking event.

Business suits for a man in business

As a business owner, you need at least two business suits in your wardrobe that you can use for business meetings. One of them should be dark blue and the other anthracite. The dark blue can be used for very formal company meetings if you need to represent your company among others.

During the day you can wear the anthracite-colored suit with a dark gray shirt or a blue shirt with a matching tie and black shoes for a perfect business look. The gray shirt can be changed into a cream or white for a late night business meeting.

The normal fit for a businessman

A businessman needs a bespoke business suit as a representative of a thriving business building. A blue suit made of twill with waistcoat is just the thing for the occasion. It can be single row for comfort with two vents in the stern. The matching dark brown or black shoes are perfect for everyday business.

You can combine your suit with brown oxfords to end your meeting with customers and arrange a dinner with your potential partner.

The perfect dress for a lady in business

A lady in business must also be dressed in the right clothing when you need to meet clients in the business world. A pinstripe and shawl pants suit is ideal for the occasion, which can be used both for the day and for an evening date with business people.

Women who do not feel like trousers can wear a pinstripe skirt and a jacket with matching shoes so they are ready for both office customers and for going out.

If you are a manager of a business, with the above dress code, you will go a long way among entrepreneurs and businesses in the business world.

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